Superkop Red


Superkop is a nifty espresso-making device intended for everyday home use. It’s operated by hand, so it requires no electricity or warm-up time. This no-nonsense, low-maintenance countertop tool can also be wall-mounted.

The Superkop sits on a wooden base and features a powder-coated aluminum body and steel inner parts. The lever and the 58mm-diameter portafilter are made of polished stainless steel, while the water cup is made from polycarbonate material, perfect for keeping the water warm.

Dimensions & weight

Packaging:40 x 40 x 21 cm.
Weight :10KG
Stand version:W: 31cm D: 28cm H: 47cm Handle down | 71cm Handle up
Wall version:W: 23cm D: 23cm H: 47cm Handle down | 71cm Handle up


While a regular manual espresso machine’s lever pushes a piston to send water through coffee grounds in one firm motion, the Superkop uses a 1:40 displacement mechanism. This gradually applies more pressure through five or six smooth and easy pumps or strokes.

The one-way valve lets a pneumatic spring smoothly bring the lever back to its original position while keeping the pressure intact between pumps. There’s a button to release pressure once the extraction is finished. Also, a safety valve is there to release pressure at 20 bars.

You will receive your complete Superkop in a stand-alone version with a wooden stand. As an optional add-on you can order a wall set to convert the stand-alone Superkop to a wall mounted version.

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