Enjoy espresso for life.

Superkop Espresso brings a new twist to the classic manual lever espresso machine platform. It was designed and developed to easily produce a rich, high-quality shot of espresso without the need for electricity. It is easy to operate and intended for daily use. Superkop doesn't require any warm-up, is virtually maintenance-free and most importantly: ensures perfect extraction. The Superkop has been designed to last forever making it a tool for life.

The buzz

When this review process is all said and done, unlike most of the products I test, the Superkop won’t be boxed up and stored away. It’s going to stay on the wall, and get frequent use. Should my partner and I sell our house and buy a new home one day, one of the many deciding factors will be “does this house have a suitable spot for me to mount the Superkop?

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the Superkop, and its modern, clean design also adds a definite aesthetic value to any countertop or wall.

Some java enthusiasts favor manual espresso machines given the quality of the drinks they produce and the control they offer to customize your drink.

When the result also looks better and works better than its competitors, that’s tech(less) nirvana, which is exactly what the Superkop espresso machine manages to achieve.

Just a Few Easy Steps

This is how it works

Three color Options

Superkop Red

Superkop White

Superkop Black

With Superkop espresso, you enjoy the brewing process and the result.

Making rich, artisan espresso at home doesn't need to be messy, time-consuming, and a maintenance headache. Take away the complex technology from traditional espresso machines like the electric pump and the heating elements, and you've got Superkop. A no-nonsense manual espresso maker that is not only good for our planet but your wallet too.

All Superkop machines are uniquely numbered.
You’ll receive a certificate with your number for your records.

Enjoy the brewing process and the result.

Two different set ups

You will receive your complete Superkop in a stand-alone version with a wooden stand. As an optional add-on you can order a wall set to convert the stand-alone Superkop to a wall mounted version.

Wall version

Stand-alone version